Thanks a million

The story of Chiara Vigo, the last sea silk weaver on earth, came out the other day on BBC Magazine.

Despite the initial scepticism – is she a phony witch? A real guru? The ultimate master of a forgotten tradition? – people from around the world read the story and liked it wholeheartedly for its simplicity and for the message it carries: the sea silk, the most precious fabric in the world, is not for sale because it would be like “commercialising the flight of an eagle”. More than a million people clicked on the story, making it the fourth most read news story of the day on

For three days straight I received hundreds of emails and dozens of tweets from complete strangers who wanted to personally thank Mrs. Vigo for sharing with us her story. Some of you also submitted original poems both in English and Italian (Google translator does wonders!), drawings and illustrations to show how inspiring Mrs. Vigo has been to all of us.

For this, and for all the warms words of affection, thank you.


EDIT: Even the Smithsonian Magazine talked about my story, Chiara Vigo and her incredible tradition. What an honour!