Democratic meltdown

'Dialogo sull'Europa' iniziativa organizzata dalla fondazione Italianieuropei

Uneasy coexistence. Massimo D’Alema (L) left the Partito Democratico with the post-communist establishment. Matteo Renzi (R) wants to take back control over the divided party.

What’s happening to Italy’s centre-left ruling party? Why are the post-communist and Christian democratic factions bringing the party on the brink of a catastrophic schism? 

I visited Cavriago, a small Italian town where ‘Christian Democrat’ is considered to be a slur, and in one of the central piazza is Europe’s only bust of Lenin. In the very heart of a centre-left stronghold, I asked residents why the Partito Democratico is imploding – but this raised more questions than it answered.

You can read my piece in this week’s New Statesman.



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