The Double Theft of the Double Klimt

When I travelled back to my hometown this summer, I thought my visit would be short and painless.


Me with one of the Klimt replicas found in Piacenza

Instead, three months in, I’m still here.

The reason is pretty simple: I got caught in a story I HAD to write for it is mysterious, juicy, it has at least a dozen plot-twists and a missing Klimt.

It’s a fascinating tale of a sharp-eyed art student, a double portrait, a double theft, innumerable replicas scattered around Italy and the 20-year quest to find Klimt’s Portrait of a Lady, the only double portrait the Vienna Secessionist has ever painted.

Two scribbled notebooks later and endless nights discussing conspiracy theories with the undoubtedly talented Ferruccio Ceriati (pictures) and Carlo Arcelli (editing), the piece finally landed on BBC Magazine for you to read it in all its glory. Plus, you can watch the short video we put together on BBC Art with an original soundtrack composed by the most talented jazz pianist I know, Nathan Britton.

I know, it reads like a novel and it stretches credulity. But I promise you it is all true. And, yes, they should make a movie out of it.

Enjoy –

* edit – I’m on Wikipedia. And when I told my mama, she was about to flip.